Now 10 years (5+5) warranty on all Liteville 901 frames

This warranty extension applies, as always with Syntace and Liteville products, not only to the “first owner” and let us emphasize, also fully includes DH and racing. Like this, even buyers of a used Liteville frame will receive a factory warranty!

The 10 years (5+5) warranty includes all material and manufacturing faults of the frame. The repair or necessary exchange of frame or frame components is cost free for the first 5 years. Thereafter, up until the 10th year, a contribution fee of 50% of the respective current market retail price is charged. For the installed rear shock, the warranty of the respective manufacturer is valid.

This warranty extension is immediately valid with retroactive effect for all Liteville 901 frames, backdating to all MK1.

This is how we envisage real product value maintenance.