Liteville Mountainbikes



You will neither find a bike building and composition consultancy here, nor on our phone service, because if we would provide this also, we would not be able to give satisfactory service to our own products we actually manufacture and sell.
But even with urgent component advice and questions to specification of your Liteville project, we have help for you. Our specialist Liteville dealers will welcome your enquiry from Monday to Friday with competent advice and service. Please make the most of this!

Besides, many insider-tips and useful assembly information can be found in our product descriptions and manuals as well as in our comprehensive and continually expanding collection of FAQ’s. If your key question however is not covered here, please do let us know.

One request though: please do not pester us regarding delivery date of future Syntace and Liteville products which are still in development. Here we can only convey our motto: quality is our priority, and the product will be available when it is ready.
Delivery and availability info’s will be – as soon as we are adequately able to estimate it ourselves – published in our news section.

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